Troubles after importing a magento project from svn or git

I have been working on a magento project last few days and i have faced some troubles (I’m new to magento world) to run the magento store after importing from svn repository, here are some tricks I have found to make it work :
– Obviously import all directory structure from svn (or git), import the database and create your virtualhost
– Go to core_config_data table and change the “value” attribute to “your_local_virtualhost” where the “path” is “web/unsecure/base_url” and “web/secure/base_url”.
– Create the “app/etc/local.xml” file which will contains your database connection config, here is an example : local.xml
– Be sure that the “app/etc/config.xml” file exists, if not create it (you can copy one from standard magento installation directory)
– Be sure that the “.htaccess” file exists (base directory), if not create one by copying “.htaccess.sample” and renaming to “.htaccess”.

In case you forgot the admin login or password :

Have a nice day !